Hey there! I’m Naba.


I’m an Indian website designer. Here to help you attract your ideal clients and get found online.

I got my start as a self-taught web designer, who fell in love with coding.

At the height of the pandemic, I went all in self-development and building skills I always dreamed of having. The skills that would help me to design beautiful and meaningful experiences. That is when I discovered many amazing services such as WordPress Web Design using Divi Builder and Elementor. After That, I got to know about coding, and then I never look back and kept coding. Because I love to code.

My brain is half creative/half nerd, I enjoy listening to music, Video games, I love my Assamese culture and love to play our cultural instrument Dhol.

As a person, I have a very positive and ego-free approach to all aspects of my life, and I carry a strong work ethic with me every place I go.


Reasons to work with me

3+ years of experience in web design

For more than 3 years, I have been committed to helping businesses reach their sales goals by designing their websites. As a result, they have been attracting more of their ideal clients and getting more sales.

Empathic & caring strategist

This natural caring ability makes me a quality-focused web designer and a responsible team player.

Curiosity & continuous improvement

I love to learn new technologies. I’m always looking to improve my skills and update my knowledge to the latest solutions and best practices, which enhances the speed and quality of the web design process.

Why should you choose me

  • I am not like other web designers who are desperate to start the project without taking the time to understand your business and goals.
  • I care about your business and goals. I insist on getting to know you and your business so that I can create a website that speaks to your visitors or customers and most importantly generate sales.
  • My clients and I become friends. So, we can perfectly discuss the business problems without any hesitation. I am fun, casual, enthusiastic, and always ready to help my clients with even the smallest details.

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